Who is Lostin70s Audio

The company

LostIn70s audio is an audio software craftsmanship company specialized in modeling virtual instruments or amps. We are deeply passionate about music, vintage, innovation, and signal processing. The goal of our developments is to reproduce as faithfully as possible the sound of the instruments we simulate as well as to reduce the latency as much as possible, being convinced that it is an essential element for the pleasure and the music player feedback. Our softwares can be used in post-production but they are also designed for live performance to replace the hardware amp and effects at home, in the home studio or on stage.


LostIn70s uses its own signal processing algorithms library to simulate amplifiers and musical instruments. The graphical interfaces are developed using the Juce framework. Our R&D work has enabled us to lead to innovative and unique technologies such as LLCR (Low Latency Cabinet Response) or the lossless compression format “.rks” which allows to distribute high quality sample banks at a very small size in order to limit the ecological impact of downloading our software.


We offer free plugins that can be downloaded from this site for everyone, but also paid iOS or Mac (AUV3) plugins and applications directly downloadable from Apple store.

We also offer to buy technological licenses (used in our plugins)


We offer a plugin or audio software design and development service on request.


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